Wax Information

Our wax melts are 100% organic soy.

Our candles have a custom formulated wax blend of premium organic soy, beeswax and coconut wax.

* Organic Soy: natural, non-toxic, smooth texture, good jar adhesion and clean-burning 

* Coconut Wax:  natural, non-toxic, creamy texture for more optimal jar adhesion, clean-burning

* Beeswax: natural, non-toxic, firm/dense wax (extends burn time), clean-burning

Candles with two (or more) wicks will produce a stronger scent throw as the hotter the candle, the stronger the scent. Our two-wicked candles have a scent throw that fill a larger space, as two wicks creates a hotter wax pool (melted wax). Our candles are scented to the max, but the single-wicked candles are best for smaller spaces, or if a more subtle scent throw is desired.


Uplifting and Comforting Home Fragrance