Collection: Container Candles

A collection of everyday and seasonal aromas, available in 7oz single-wick and 11oz (refillable) two-wick, container candles. 

Visit the Refill Collection to replenish your 11oz container candle.

Please note: The Signature Collection candles will only be available in the 10oz refill candle option, following the final sale of the container candle inventory. 

Shopping tip: If you have a smaller space or like a mild scent strength and throw, you'll want to purchase a single-wick candle. If you have a larger space or like your candle aroma strong, with a large scent range, then you'll want to purchase a two-wick candle. The hotter the wax, the stronger the scent throw and range. 


Uplifting and Comforting Home Fragrance