Refill Candle of the Month

Refill Candle of the Month is a trial program that allows us to bring new candles to our customers on a trial basis to test aromas, prior to releasing in a container candle collection.

In 2024, one new refill candle scent will be released monthly - only available as a 10oz Organic Soy & Beeswax refill candle (no vessel).

Please leave a positive review on the candles that you love. Thank you for your help!

March 2024 Refill Candle: Black Currant, Citrus & Amber (masculine scent family)

April 2024 Refill Candle: Rainwater, Clover & Moss (fresh scent family)

May 2024 Refill Candle: Iris, Cotton & Sandalwood (clean and fresh scent) 


Uplifting and Comforting Home Fragrance